These archives began in 1998 as a simple ISP home page space by the author to document the maker of the guitars he loved so much. By 2000 it had grown too large for the small space allotted by the ISP and the Guitar Gallery was born. Once the Guitar Gallery had it's own presence on the web things grew exponentially into what is here now.

This repository represents the work of many like minded individuals spanning many countries. A great deal of effort went into documenting the brands and many models of guitars made by Matsumoku. We would like to thank the many contributors who made this site possible.

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This site is not affiliated with any of the brands or labels mentioned, only a tribute to their heyday and impact on the world of guitars in general. This site is not directly connected to Aria, Aria Pro II, Matsumoku, Vantage, or any other label produced by Matsumoku. Much of the media here consists of high resolution scans and full size PDF documents which have been categorized and indexed to enhance searching.