About Nobuaki Hayashi (H. Noble as seen on Aria Pro II Headstocks)

For over 38 years Nobuaki Hayashi has been involved in the engineering and production of some of the more innovative and progressive guitar designs to come out of Japan. Most of the Aria Pro II guitar lovers will recognize his old craft name H. Noble on the Aria Pro II headstocks which he used while he was part of the design and engineering team at Matsumoku. It would be hard to deny his contributions to the innovations and standards that set Matsumoku's guitars apart from and above their competition!

Atlansia Guitars

Mr. Hayashi has continued to push the limits of electric guitar design since the sale of Matsumoku to Singer in the late 1980s and is President of Atlansia guitars and a NAMM member. It is quite evident his creativity has not waned since his involvement with Matsumoku. The giutars offered by Atlansia are not only instruments, but have evolved into the next generation of electric guitars and basses, as well as works of art. Although the pages are for the most part in Japanese, I invite you to visit Atlansia's website. I think you will be impressed with some of the ideas they have incorporated into the Atlansia guitars!
Pictured below are just three of the guitars offered by Atlansia
The Atlansia Century
The Atlansia Victoria
The Atlansia Stealth
The Century
The Victoria
The Stealth
Atlansia Instruments Technology Ltd.