Early 1984 Aria Pro II Guitars Full Line Catalog

Covers PE-60, PE-R80, RS-Deluxe, RS-Special, RS-Bobcat, RS-Wildcat, RS-Inazuma I & II, RS-Esprit, RS-Classic, PE-175HE, TA-30, TA-50, TA-60, TA-70, TA-100, XX-Deluxe, U-60T, U-100, U-Deluxe, ZZ-Deluxe, ZZ-Special, CS-Deluxe, Black-n-Gold: CS-BG, CSB-BG, SBI-BG, SBII-BG, ST-1512, SB-900, SB-1000, SB-R150, SB-Elite I & II, RSB-Special I & II, TSB-Standard, TSB-Special II, AE-90, AE-100, FE-T65-12, FE-65, FE-75, FE-100, Cables, AX Amps, and Effects Pedals Courtesy of DRK33

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