Brian P’s Black ‘N’ Gold Beauties

1984 PE-BG, 1982 TA-BG 1982 CS-400 BG, 1982 TS-500 BG.

My first Aria Pro II was a 1984 PE-BG purchased in Northridge, California. Still have it, been playing ity for almost 40 years.

I knew it was a good guitar, but never realized how good. Along comes the internet and a plethora of information about Arias. After learning the history of Arias and their relationship with Matsumoku and the quality that was being produced, i decided to try and find the remaining guitars in the "Black 'n Gold" series. The first to add to my PE was a Cardinal series I found on Ebay, followed by Thor sound 500 from 'Reverb" a few months later.

The last one, the TA-BG wouldn't come so easy. Daily searches on multiple sites globally revealed nothing. I placed ads on numerous sites with hopes of picking up the missing piece.

After 2 years of searching, a message comes from a gentleman on Vancouver Island BC. After verifying the guitar was legit, we sealed the deal.