Vantage Catalogs

Catalogs covering the Vantage Electric Guitars

1983 Vantage Guitars Spec Sheets

Covers VS-695, VS-696, VS-696/12, VP-820, VP-825, VP-830, VE-545, VE-565, VE-550, VE-570, VSH-435, VSH-445, VSH-455, AV-315, AV-325, AV-330, AV-330MX, VS-695B, VS-696B, VP-820B, VP-825B, VP-830B, AV-32B, X-77, X-88, X-77T, X-77B, X-88B, and Color Code Explanations. Note: These images are in portrait format, and rather wide. Courtesy DRK

Early 1980s Vantage Guitars Catalog

Covers the “Spirit” VLP-500, VLP-510, VLP-540, VLP-550, “Witch” VS-600, “Mystic” VP-700, “Phantom” VA-800, “Ghost” VP-750, Acoustics VW-100, VW-150, VW-180, Vantage Pickups. Courtesy of Alex

Mid 1980s Vantage Guitars Full Line Catalog

Covers the AV310, AV325, VLP, VS600, VS600B, VS695, VS695B, VS600R, VS600RB, VP795, VP795B, VSH455, VA900, VA900B, VC100, VC120, VC150, VW150, VW160, VW190, VW195, VW100, VW170, VW175, VW180, VW250, V-40 V-70 V-150 Amps, Guitar Leads. Courtesy of Corsair

1982 Vantage Guitars “Born to Rock” Catalog

Covers AV-315, AV-325, AV-330, AV-330MX, VE-545, VE-565, VSH-435, VSH-445, VSH-455, VS-695, VS-696, VS-696/12, VP-820, VS-695B, VS-696B, VS-695B/FL, VP-820B, AV-325B, AV-325B/FL, X-77B, X-88B, X-77, X-77T, X-88, and Specific Series Features. Note: Images and features only, specs not originally included with this slick. Courtesy of DRK and Squid Head