So you have a guitar or resurrection you'd like to submit. That's great!

What we are looking for are nice pictures (as many as you like) and as detailed specifications as possible. The only requirement is that the guitar falls within the scope of this site, the guitar is made by Matsumoku (confirmed). Please try to get nice pics if possible with background taken into consideration (on a sofa or backdrop, not in the foreground of a cluttered garage if you know what we mean). If everything looks good we'll get to work publishing your guitar. Here are the specification details we'd like to have if possible:

Body Woods: Such as Japanese Ash, Mahogany, or Walnut
Neck Woods and Type: Such as Maple or Mahogany
(also bolt on or set-in)
Fingerboard Wood: Such as Rosewood or Ebony
(and position marker type if possible)
Nut: Such as plastic, bone, or brass
Scale: Such as 24-3/4", 25-1/2". 630mm or 650mm
Pickups: Model/Type and quantity (or combo, HSH, SSH etc.)
(if no model/PN type such as open or covered humbucker, single coil)
Controls: Such as 2V 2T, 3-way, Coil Cut, etc.
Tuners: Such as sealed/die cast, open gear, Keystone, etc
Hardware: Such as Chrome, Gold, Black and Gold, etc
Finish: Such as See-Thru Red, Walnut, Japan Brown, or Tobacco Sunburst

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