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PostPosted: Mon 14 Nov 2016 07:29 PM 
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Very very impressed with the complete play by play on how you fixed it. Kudos on them pics!

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PostPosted: Mon 05 Jun 2023 03:39 PM 
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Reviving this thread because I recently bought a Vantage VP700B and this is my first with a 3 point bass bridge.

I ordered a Babicz 3 point bridge replacement, but noticed after receiving the bridge that the Gibson replacement and the Epiphone replacements are different! :yeah: :yeah:

My question is, did you use the Gibson version or the Epiphone version? Because I think the Gibson is supposed to sit flush on top of the body, whereas the Epiphone version is supposed to go in the recess.

Gonzo wrote:
Hi to all,

Got the Babicz 3 point Epi/Gibson replacement bridge and fitted it on the Vantage VP710B Bass.

Here it is in-situ:



Flush against the body:



With the Babicz' 1/8" shim, which was not required on this Bass:


Just doing my A string height.
These saddles have 2 grub screws in them.
One is a locking screw and must be undone before adjustment and nipped up afterward.
The second screw is for saddle height adjustment, it winds in & out, and the saddle goes up & down.


How it looks on the Bass:


A few observations from the install:

The 3 main bolt holes of the Babicz are a perfect fit on the Vantage VP710B body, no filing required just bolt straight on.
The intonation & string height adjustments are just bliss, so easy to do (I wish more bridges were made like this).
I had them set in a little under a half hour, having never clapped eyes on a Babicz before, it was an easy install.
String spacing is non-adjustable and could have been a bit wider for this instrument, but I'll have to live with it.
The Bridge height could probably be recessed into the body by 1-2mm if one could really be bothered, but I still have room to drop saddles approx 2mm lower, so you can get this bridge on without any recess work, unlike the Hipshot Supertone.
The Vantage existing recess is nicely covered by the Babicz footprint, although about 1mm of the Vantage's cavity can be seen either side of the Babicz, it is hardly noticeable.

The Bass plays so much nicer now. I am sure it would have been an improvement over what it was like with either a Babicz or a cheaper Epi replacement.
For the tone buffs, yes it sustains for far longer if that's your thing.
Vintage tone is gone, as in the faster decay "plunk, plunk" P-Bass type of thing, but it can still be found through technique on this Bass with it's pickup selections on offer. It retains all of it's growl, maybe even a little more Rickenbacker-ish, think Chris Squire of Yes. I would have no idea, my Bass playing sucks.

If I had my time over again on it, I would probably pick an Epi bridge and live with it, but at $120+ shipping for those VS $180 free shipping on the Babicz, I am glad I chose it in the long run.
It's up to whomever is reading this to decide if they want to do recess work with the Hipshot and get adjustable string spacing, go with an Epi replacement, or bolt one of these on and sacrifice maybe 2mm total string width, I guess.

All things considered, it makes the Bass an easier one to play, which in turn has a player doing things they otherwise would not be able to do.
It's a different Bass with this Bridge on it, but one well worth keeping.
It is different to what a Vantage Bass typically is, but still a very nice Bass, reminds me of the Mats Vox Bass a lot more now, sustain for weeks.

As a "save" from death by inferior hardware, or the resultant languishing under a bed for another 30 years, I would call it a success, as it is going to get played, recorded and used. Most of all, loved.

Thanks for reading.


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