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PostPosted: Sat 09 Jan 2016 03:46 PM 
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Pretty much anything eBay related is fine here, and preferred over posting in the specific label forums as listings fade from eBay within 30 to 90 days and simply litter the specific labels forums with broken links. You are welcome to post your own listings but if your account shows no other activity for 3 weeks other than to post your listing and leave the account will be disabled and the post removed.

Flaming is OUT! Opinions are more than welcome, but if it crosses the line to namecalling, flaming, or even sarcasm which could result in the former I am making it very clear these are NOT welcome. This simply causes us problems and we just don't want to have to deal with the resulting BS. If we have to deal with it, those involved can be assured we will address the situation in an efficient, proficient, military fashion. Please keep opinions on at least a courteous and professional note. Any "fret buzz" that attracts the attention of a moderator is not in the best interest of the author. We think you know what We mean by this. If anger is likely to creep in, please hold the thought and post later when the swelling has subsided.

This may be a good place to both learn of possible interests as well as warnings from members or red flags others have noticed. You would be well advised to closely consider warnings and red flags, as eBay has become the ultimate resource for crooks as well as honest folks. Ask questions and above all remember that eBay roughly translates to "Caveat Emptor", or "Buyer Beware".

Some of you may welcome this forum, others will either hate it or fear it. We are watching! Games, cons, shinola, hype, and suckering that gets noticed is likely to end up here, and some of us are rather passionate about this. If you have proven to be an honest and ethical seller you will also be recognized here as well. Good business ethics deserve as much attention and credit as do bad. Sellers who keep their noses clean, stick to fact, and are mentioned here will be rewarded with positive mention on a site with over 15,000 visitors each month. Those that are not on the up and up should keep this in mind as well. Sellers MAY NOT link to pages or resources on this site directly.

Those inquiring:
Above all, be patient. If someone here has an answer, it will come. Prodding or "bumping" is not only rude, but inconsiderate of those you are asking something of. No-one owes anything here and offers of their own accord and generosity. This is an NFP (Not For Profit) site and NO ONE is getting paid for their time.

As links to these sources usually expire and the forum will be pruned after 180 days done about twice a month.

NO FOR SALE. Period. We cannot stop back door transactions originating here, but if we receive complaints as we have in the past, we will deal with this decisively and PERMANENTLY. We hope this is perfectly clear.

None of this is negotiable, but subject to change as needed.

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