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Trem Stablizer
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Author:  Jorg [ Mon 03 Apr 2023 03:53 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: Trem Stablizer

I love sharing that video. :D

Author:  Wutz [ Tue 04 Apr 2023 06:39 AM ]
Post subject:  Re: Trem Stablizer

No, the AS-50 has a stoptail.

Thing is, I have an AS-80 made the same year (1980), that uses the more common Ibanez bridge with the anchor. The guitar has a completely different playing feel and attack when you play it.

My more recent comparison is not as decisive, as I compared a Fujigen made set neck solid body guitar in the 1500-2000 USD range to the same model in the 5000 USD range. The 5000 USD guitar didn't have the anchors, while the other one had. The difference between the two guitars was surprisingly big... to an extent, that it couldn't have been from the bridge mounting alone.

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