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For sale/trade rare/collectible vintage Aria "Firebrand"
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Author:  fazool [ Fri 01 Apr 2016 10:34 AM ]
Post subject:  For sale/trade rare/collectible vintage Aria "Firebrand"

Refer to this Wikipedia entry:
Aria makes guitars ranging from beginner to professional models. Some of their professional models were known as Firebrands because of the Firebranded Aria logo on the reverse of the headstock. The Firebrand guitars were produced in very small runs. They were then given to either named artists who promoted Aria Guitars or to the very top dealers as gifts. Firebranded Guitars were produced to a much greater standard than production runs.

I have recently procured one of these guitars. It is 30-35 years old and needed some TLC. I have a shop where I restore vintage guitars, but if you look at my other posts, you will know I am an Aria fan. This guitar was fully inspected, including internal laporascopic style micro bore scope inspection of the braces and all internals. I cleaned and conditioned the fretboard, lightly dressed and polished the frets, put a new Tusq saddle, nut, bridge pins (and end pin) on, adjusted the action, the truss rod for relief, cleaned and polished the whole guitar.

This is a teaser and I want to post this so you "stay tuned". I recently got a real nice DSLR and was waiting for a nice sunny day to take some nice "glamour" shot photos......but being in Buffalo, NY, it's going to snow this weekend (arg!).

I will be adding photos and updating bumping this thread. I wanted to get a teaser out there. I can be reached at

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