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Active Circuit Replacement Boards
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Author:  Barry [ Sat 10 Dec 2022 12:54 PM ]
Post subject:  Active Circuit Replacement Boards

Good news for members with a dead circuit board in their Thunder 1A & IIA active series guitar.

Westone Forum member Bas Becu (BQmusic) is able to offer, to order, brand new replacement boards which exactly match the originals!

He is also able to to repair and restore the original board if you wish. In fact, that is his preference, and it is cheaper to do so.

Even more good news for owners of Aria Pro II RS-X70-RS-X80 guitars, he's also able to do the same for their preamp board!

Read more about his reply to a Thunder IA bass owner HERE: ... ve-circuit

and visit his online store on Etsy for the one currently available APII board HERE: ... ve_4&frs=1

Author:  Crusty [ Sun 11 Dec 2022 12:13 AM ]
Post subject:  Re: Active Circuit Replacement Boards

Moved this here to For Sale, Trade, Wanted.

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