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Questions and answers regarding messageboard registration.
You already have access to everything here that registered users have. You needn't register to browse the forums. All but the Administrative sections are visible to and accessible by guests and registered users alike. If you choose to register, that's great! Meet the gang. :) If not, just poke around, no harm done.

A word about registration and e-mail addresses
The only thing required for registration is a valid, working e-mail address (please no disposable email addresses, we know em when we see em). The forums will use this address to send you a validation link to visit. Without that link it is impossible to log in and use your new account. NOTE: You MUST activate your account and post within the hour or your account will be automatically pruned. This is done to compliment the anti spambot registration countermeasures and eliminate the many bot created accounts.

There has been trouble in the past with some mail services such as AOL,, and due to their implementation of spam protection. Generic free mail services such as, and are widely misused by spambots, so please use a less generic email server in your registration, and be sure to mark mail from the forums as "Not Spam" so you won't have to dig through the bulk/junk folder for your forum notices (set in your preferences and when you post to topics). Our suggestion here is use the free Microsoft mail service.

"So What's this Registering Thing?"
Although anyone visiting the board is able to browse the board, only registered users are allowed post messages or create topics. For the most part this was done to help prevent abuse of the board. Also, when you log in, the board knows the last time you were logged on and indicates areas that have new messages you have not read. The board uses cookies to do this, so be sure to have cookies turned on, and if you use a WWW firewall or filter such as AdSubtract, be sure to allow cookies from here. As a registered user you can opt to have the board e-mail you when someone responds to a topic (thread) you've created or participated in. Privacy or security minded? We'll cover that in a minute.

"So why should I register?"
You don't have to register if you're just interested in browsing and reading posts. Nothing is hidded from guests other than the areas meant for Moderators and Admins. Registering not only allows visitors to post messages, it also protects your identity once you register. If anyone visiting could post messages, what's to keep some joker from posting a rude, vulgar, defamatory, or otherwise offensive message and then fading untraceably into cyberspace? You can always browse the messages as Guest, but you cannot post messages until you register. Once you register, you can create new topics and reply to messages. Once you have registered, NO ONE can post using your login or handle but YOU! No forums are restricted to registered users. You need only register if you intent to post anything. Simple, eh?

"What if I don't want to give out my private e-mail address?"
No problem! We don't give out our private e-mail addresses to anyone but close friends and relatives ourselves, so why should you? The reason a valid e-mail addres is required is as said above, to help insure people use the board responsibly. Rather than giving out your private e-mail address, you can use one of the free e-mail services available for use in public areas of the internet (but please no gmail, hotmail, aol or yahoo address). I doubt there are many people that dislike SPAM (UCE) as much as we do, and we don't imagine you enjoy it much either. If you're concerned about using your private e-mail address go ahead and set up a free-mail account (but please no gmail, hotmail, aol or yahoo address) to use here before you register. we don't mind at all. We will never divulge your e-mail address to anyone!

"Okay, I've registered and you have my info. Are you going to sell it?
Simply put, NO WAY!

We cannot stand SPAM, and we have no respect for spyware or sites that glean information for monetary gain! The information you provide when you register stays here. The profile you create stays here. Only the Admin and you have the power to change anything in it. We do not require anything other than a valid e-mail address (please no gmail, hotmail, aol or yahoo address), and the rest is entirely optional. Leave it blank if you prefer. The e-mail address you provide remains a part of your profile only. We do not compile data, nor do we release it to anyone.

The ONLY time we would begrudgingly release any information is if it were DEMANDED under penalty of incarceration by a valid government investigative body and ONLY when served with a validated document such as a subpoena or warrant. Although the events of September 11th, 2001 have placed even more pressure on the already strained definition of "privacy", we don't particularly care for the idea others may be monitoring our personal communications. Personal Privacy is one of the principles this country was founded upon. We take our privacy very seriously, and we treat yours with the same respect!

Enjoy your visit here, and by all means, participate!
You can only stand to benefit from it!

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