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PostPosted: Thu 01 Dec 2005 02:59 PM 

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Registration and e-mail addresses...
The only thing required for registration is a valid, working e-mail address (please no gmail, hotmail, aol or yahoo address). The forums will use this address to send you a validation link to visit. Without that link it is impossible to log in and use your new account.

You needn't register to browse the forums. If you choose to register, that's great! Meet the gang. :)

There has been trouble in the past with some mail services due to their implementation of spam protection. Generic free mail services such as, and are widely misused by spambots, so please use a less generic email server in your registration, and be sure to mark mail from the forums as "Not Spam" so you won't have to dig through the bulk/junk folder for your forum notices (set in your preferences and when you post to topics).

I've been told I've managed with a "heavy hand", probably too heavy. Okay, I'll take it to heart. All of the revised guidelines will be based on courtesy and respect, and the responsibilitiy left up you. That doesn't mean myself or the moderators will not do their job when circumstances dictate.

There are a few golden rules that will remain golden.

No flaming. personal attacks, or name-calling - My temper is as bad as the next guy's. I'll do my best to keep it at bay. I ask you do the same.

No "For Sale" - It was a noble idea, and at first worked out quite well. But, as all good things go, the crooks and shady characters swooped in like vultures, and before long members here were getting scammed left and right. To avoid any of this, there's no "for sale" here. There is a "Wanted" forum, and all I ask is that any transactions coming out of posts there are the responsibility of the people involved. Neither myself nor the site can help you if you become a victim. If you're concerned or unsure about something you've been contacted about, by all means post about it in your thread! Crooks and scammers despise their schemes being brought out into the light. Links to commercial sites or online stores would fall under this rule as well.

If you've something you're wanting to sell, my suggestion would be list it on eBay. There's an "eBay" forum here you can post in regarding your listing. On eBay much more is out in the open than private transactions here, and eBay offers more protection than the site ever could for all concerned.

No profanity - Nothing stronger than what you would hear on WB television (family television). We come from all walks of life, all professions, all beliefs, and preferences. There are many ways to say something, and profanity shows little respect for others and lack of creativity. There are bikers posting right alongside clergy, and it works here. Please, don't alter spelling or use creative methods to get past the filters. This shows little respect for this simple request.

No hotlinking - Hotlinking means using the Img or Url tags (buttons) to point to an image on a server you do not have permission to link to. This includes eBay images. When a domain owner notices hotlinks from these forums I sometimes get a nasty letter, and I really don't like getting them.

I will work on ways of implementing both links to ImageShack as well as a tutorial to help those unfamiliar with it. Photobucket is another favorite. I'll add links and tutorials when I have time and they'll appear here under the "Message Board Info" forum when they're available.

If you're stumped, simply ask how to post images in your thread and there are a number of folks here that are quite willing to walk you through it so don't be surprised when you receive several private messages offering to help. Don't be shy, everyone started somewhere. :)

Posting images and URLs...
The format of the forums will be changing shortly to allow for larger image sizes in all the categories. The "Member's Treasures" category was set up not only to show off your treasures and talk about them, but also to allow those of you who choose to link to larger images to do so without worry.

All I ask is that when posting images elsewhere here in the forums please be considerate of those visitors who are not fortunate enough for cable, isdn, dsl, or other broadband and stuck with modems and dialup. People with older monitors sometimes have a tough time with large images. 640 pixels is a nice size, and larger really isn't necessary.

The "Member's Treasures" is a different story, so have at it there, but don't take that as an invitation to get crazy. :wink:

Long URLs (you know, the ones that go on for days) often tend to make threads hard to read (srcolling left and right). The forums are set up to take the raw http url and convert it to (Click Here). If you're posting a really long URL just paste it in or use the URL button when posting and enter some descriptive text when prompted, e.g. "What model is this guitar?". If you're not sure, ask and someone is sure to help.

In short...
Simply show respect and courtesy and all will be fine. After all, we're here for our passion in these guitars, right?

Thanks for reading, and Welcome!

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